Brendan Scott

I started this blog a few years ago to chronicle my time down in Guatemala. Now I am back in the states, but I still have plenty of stories to share about my time in Guatemala.

I have decided not to limit this blog to stories about Guatemala.  Adventures can take place anywhere, if you are willing to join in on them.  I have decided to join my dad, Eugene Scott, and the Neighborhood Church Community, here in Littleton, Colorado, in the challenge of Living Spiritually in 2012.

I am a runner, a writer, a reader, a hiker, a mountain biker, and most importantly a friend.  I write this blog to encourage and inspire those around me.  I hope you all enjoy.

My goal is to post something new once a week.  So, look for something adventurous every Friday (or Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, but probably not Thursday cause no one reads anything on Thursdays).

17 thoughts on “Brendan Scott

  1. It’s so incredible to find and know that there are solid, adventurous, God-filled and seeking men out there! So inspirational! Your travels aren’t just serving God and blessing you but also the people you share them with!

    1. Thanks! I’ve really enjoyed sharing all my adventures, even if recently they’ve just been here in the united states, on my blog over the last several years. God has blessed me and I’m glad to share about that.

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