First impressions

I have been sitting around for most of the day trying to figure out email addresses and skype accounts.  I guess sitting around on your computer is an acceptable thing to do when it is raining out.  I’m living with a host family that consists of a mom and dad, three daughters, a son and a grandson .  Two of the daughters speak English, but they are married and live with their husbands.  I’m actually glad that there aren’t any English speakers in the house besides me because it’ll force me to use Spanish.  It’s weird being in a setting where I have to work to understand everything that is said.  This must be what a young child feels like when they are first learning to speak.  I’m very glad that I have a group of people where I can speak English and understand everything that they say.  I know that if I want to really improve my spanish I’m going to need to stop relying on my English, but for now it is nice to have a little break. 


Being fluent in Spanish probably would have come in handy last night when I got lost going to the soccer game.  I eventually found the stadium, but then I couldn’t find any of my friends.  The stadium was slightly packed with completely crazy fans.  Everyone was decked out in red and white, the colors for Xelaju, and every time they got a shot on goal the place erupted.  Unfortunately no one scored, which I think happens a lot in soccer, and so I left a little bit before half time.  I don’t like soccer enough to watch a game by my self. 
Tomorrow I start training for teaching.  I am sure it is going to be a blast.  I am really getting excited to teach PE and grammar.  Yes you did just read grammar.  Now please go back up and check for all my mistakes and please send your corrections to  I hope that I can teach the kids a thing or two.  But I know this teaching thing will be more God than me.
Alright I hope everyone enjoyed reading this blog.  I am going to try to make it a little more entertaining.  I mean I guess I could mention the couple I saw making out in the hotsprings pool up at the top of the mountain.  I guess PDA is very okay here.  Alright, I will write more later.

2 thoughts on “First impressions

  • Sounds like a blast! I wish that I could have gone to that soccer game. I bet within the year you will soon come to love soccer! Watch out…Have fun in training today!Love you Brens!Katie

  • Brendan: The Broncos open their season soon . . . but I know you are now a futbol fan rather than a real football fan. Too bad. Emmy said you are teaching a Bible class as well as grammar and PE. Cool. Love, Dad

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