Sometimes I feel infatuated with God.  My love can be a fleeting feeling.  I want more than that for my life and the love I fill with it.  I want to love deeply and love with reason.  I want my heart to beat in rhythm with God’s, like a guitar strumming in rhythm with God’s drum beat.  My heart desires to express my love for him when I’m worn out and broken.  To love him when I’m full of awe and gladness.  My love should be deep, maybe as deep as the sky and as close as the air.  I know that at times it’s not.  I worry about what others think of me.  I know friends don’t satisfy the way God does.  I don’t want to worry, I want to be profound and to live with a strong secure love.  
Can I find joy in the simple things?  Sheets that fit.  Air to breathe.  Legs that carry.  Mountains to hike.  Hands that write and feel.  Eyes to see.  Sunsets to view.  Mouths to feed.  Mouths to chat.  Conversations in spanish.  Conversations in English.  A child’s laughter.  Ears to hear.  A child’s cry.  Friends that cry.  Friend’s laughter.  Friends to love and be loved by.  Too often I look past these moments and float on with the breeze.  My feelings flutter with the wind.  I don’t want to fly where the wind blows.  I want to be firm, yet changeable, because God’s love is at work in my life.  Changing me to be alive in him.  Making me more than I am right now.  
This is a prayer I’m praying for my self.  There’s a couple more days until Thanksgiving break.  I’m ready to sleep in and have a long weekend.  I’m pretty sure my kids are ready for the break too.  After Thanksgiving there’s only three weeks until Christmas break.  This semester is flying by and God has really taught me tons.  I can’t wait to see what’s next.


I’ve been thinking a lot about friendships lately.  I guess I’ve had friendships on my mind because I’m relearning how to make them, in a new culture none the less.  I’ve found out that making friends here is very similar to making friends in the states.  It takes time.  Fortunately I’ve been down here for a little over three months and I’m starting to make some good friends.  Yesterday I went to a beach called Champerico with a couple of my new friends; Laura, who graduated from Union High School in Tulsa, and Kristin, who also goes by the name Scarface because she has a nice Harry Potter scar on her forehead.  

While I was at the beach the crashing of the waves started me thinking about how people change when they make friends.  Each time a wave crashes in on the beach sand is dragged back out to sea and the beach is changed.  Maybe its only a slight change, but a change none the less.  The sand that was loosed from the shore is now out to sea.   There is no stopping this beautiful natural process.  Until the end of time waves will break on the shore and pull little parts of the world apart.   
Like ocean waves friendships pull little parts of your world apart.  A good friend will crash in on you and pull you out into the water.  They will not leave you the same.  I feel like I am making a few friends that are really challenging me.  Kristin is the art teacher at my school meaning she’s payed to be creative all day long.  When I talk to her I feel challenged to be more creative with my writing and my English class.  I can tell that she expects greatness out of her friends.  A good friend wont let you slide by or underachieve.  They’ll crash in on you and pull you out to sea where life is a bit more dangerous but probably a lot more rewarding.  
I could have stayed at the beach all day long, just sat in the sun, and had a great time.  But the real fun didn’t start until Laura and Kristin got me to jump into the water and let the waves pull at me.  We played in the surf for a long time.  The waves were huge and the black sand on the beach was hot so staying in the water was a little more appealing.  Friends will take you to that place.  Little bits of you will be taken away as you go, but in the end the I think you’ll be a better person than when you started.

Seasons: Invierno y Verano

I am now ready to say that the rainy season has ended.  I arrived in Guatemala on August first and it rained.  It has rained almost every day I’ve been down here, but as of this week it has officially stopped.  The loud noise you heard last week was the entire population of central America shouting for joy because the rain has stopped.  During the rainy season it was borderline psychotic to leave your house without a rain jacket or an umbrella.  I only did it once.  

As my spanish teacher explained to me tonight Guatemala really only has two seasons.  Rainy and dry.  Notice this does not include Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring.  During the rainy season it is warm and rainy and during the dry season it is cold at night and hot during the day.  Not much change.  I really missed the changing of the leaves last month.  I love driving through the mountains watching the Aspen leaves turn from green to golden yellow and red.  The cool crisp air biting at your lungs in the mornings.  Other than football and hunting that’s what makes September and October great.  
Here in Guatemala September and October are filled with rain, but every once and awhile the air would feel crisp and if you closed your eyes you just might be able to trick yourself that it was fall time in the rockies, only until the rain starts to fall again.  Then the air doesn’t feel crisp at all.  It just feels wet.  No me gusta mucha lluvia.  (I don’t like a lot of rain.) My spanish teacher taught me that one tonight.  But like I said the rainy season is over.  Now in the mornings it is cold, cold, cold out.  Something like forty degrees and then by the mid afternoon when the sun is at its zenith it might be eighty degrees out.  Maybe a little less maybe a little more.  It is now November and that means hiking and sunshine.  It is hard not experiencing the seasons, but experiencing a new culture seems to be worth it and I am thankful for that.  I know that I’ll be longing for a little snow here soon, but in the mean time I’ll enjoy being able to hike up the volcanoes that line my horizon.


Paul writes in the book of Romans for everyone to submit to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.  (Romans 13:1) Simply meaning God’s in control so trust in him.  God is greater than the government that is in place, or the government that is going to take control.

If you’ve been hiding under a rock with your fingers plugged in your ears while screaming lalalalala you might not know that it is election day back in the states, and everyone here in Guatemala is all a buzz.  It’s as if their country is electing a new president.  I was able to vote by mail in ballot about two weeks ago, so hopefully my ballot arrived in on time.  Before I sent in my ballot I showed each one of my classes what it looked like so they could understand what it takes to vote.  (For some of the amendments it takes a masters degree in political science to know what you are voting for.)  With all of the buzz and excitement in the air about the elections I am also sensing a little bit of fear.  
It almost seems like the election process is as scary as Halloween to some people.  People are likening one candidate to the boogie man and then the other to Chuckie.  I’ve read a couple of facebook statuses saying that you need to vote for one candidate or you’re not a true American or Christian.  That sounds like fear and bad logic to me.  I don’t think fear is an appropriate response to the coming change, cause God’s in control.  I don’t like change much, but I am learning to trust God with my future.  I took a big risk in coming down to another country to teach.  God has been with me the entire time I’ve been down here.  I came down here alone, leaving all of my friends behind.  Since arriving down here God’s blessed me with a few friends.  And I say if God can look after me, a rather insignificant person in the scheme of the world, how much more do you think he’s concerned with the United States of America.  

Yet fear and hatred still exists between the parties.  Does that amount to a lack of trust in God?  Yes, I have an opinion on they way I think the government should work, but in the end does it really matter?  Jesus says in Mark twelve that the most important thing for me to do as a follower is to “love the lord my God with all my heart and with all my soul and with all my mind and with all my strength,” and the second greatest thing for me to do is to “love my neighbor as myself.”  There are probably a thousand different ways to honor him and love my neighbor, but no matter what way I do it, what matters is that I’m loving those around me and honoring God while doing it.  I believe this is what is important and I am pretty sure that I can love my neighbor no matter who is my president.  
So this is what I’m going to do.  I am going to trust in God and believe that he will bring everything around for his glory no matter what happens.  There is no reason to treat election day like Halloween.