25th Birthday

This last Tuesday was my 25th birthday.  I can now rent a car; my car insurance rates have dropped, but I don’t drive anymore, so what’s the point.  Lately I’ve been thinking about how my life has been changing slowly and changing in some ways that are a bit more noticeable than the turning of an age from 24 to 25.  I think one change that is noticeable is the fact that I’m training for a half-marathon.  I remember stating very clearly to one of my friends that I would never run a half-marathon, but I guess I’m trying new things.

So last tuesday I also changed in age.  Some people think that a birthday is just another day.  I look at it as a celebration of life.  On the day I was born I nearly didn’t make it.  I was born way early and with highly underdeveloped lungs.  That may be why my mom remembered this is just the second time I’ve ever been away from my family on my birthday.
So each birthday is a true celebration of life for me.  God gave me this life and I’m very thankful for that.  Sometimes I think that I owe him just a little bit.  Maybe that’s why I’m here in Guatemala.
I hope that for whatever reason I’m here, God is pleased with all I’m doing.  I think he must be because he blessed me with a great birthday.  He typically does.  Like the year I went up to the mountains with the guys from my bible study or last year when I had a huge party at my Gradparent’s house.  For the last eight years I’ve had my birthday off from school or work, but this year I had to work, which wasn’t that bad.  It was fun being with my friends at work and all of my students.  I was sung to twice and one of my students gave me a box of toilet paper.  Two-ply!  After school I talked with my family on Skype.  They all looked older, no wait that was probably just me.  I now look like I’m at least 21.  
But like I said earlier I don’t think the big changes that God is making in me are numeral, but a little deeper.  A big change is how I am actively trusting God.  I still don’t know what I want to do with my life, but I’m going to stay here in Guatemala for another year and see what God has for me.  I trust that God will take care of me.  I trust that God has a plan for me here in Guatemala for at least another year.  I’m excited about that, just about as excited as I was for my birthday dinner.  For dinner that evening I went to a new restaurant here in Xela.  A good sized group of my friends came out to celebrate with me.  After the main meal I was still hungry, so it was fortunate for me that Kristin and Annie brought out the cake they’d made for me.  They designed it to look like a Denver Bronco Football helmet and I think it’s probably my favorite cake ever; I’m still eating it.  Over all it was a great birthday and even though I was away from all of my friends and family back in the states I still felt loved and blessed to see another year come to pass here in Guatemala.

4 thoughts on “25th Birthday

  • I missed talking to you on your brithday! I am so thankful that you were born 25 years ago! You have been such a great friend and brother! I am honored to be your sister! :)Addi cannot wait to meet her Uncle Brendan and I know that she will absolutely love you! I cannot wait to see you in JUNE~Love you so much!

  • Brendan, it is always a treat to read your blogs. I’m really excited that you’ve decided to stay in Guatemala another year b/c I see a lot of cool stuff happening in you through this! BUT, it does suck not being able to see you throughout the year…booo!

  • We had house guests from Cochabamba, Bolivia. When we were leaving our neighborhood one day, we came upon a house that had been tee-peed. When we explained this American tradition, our guests replied, In Bolivia, we would never waste toilet paper like that.Enjoy your two-ply.

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