Xelafer 2010

It’s time for the fair again!  Or at least it was a couple of weeks ago.  Millions of Guatemalans, or at least thousands, risked the mud caked roads to come to Xela for the fair.  Going to the fair is one of my favorite fall activities down here in Guatemala.  Okay, we don’t have a real fall, but it has been raining so much I feel a bit crazy.  I love the fair because of all the colors, dangerous rides, and suspect food.

A trip to the fair could give you a bad case of the squirts, or just kill you.  The video of the ride I posted above is called the Tagada.  I have tried to describe it in my past blogs about the fair, but words can’t describe craziness.   The video below shows the classic Guatemalan Ferris Wheel.  I would like you all to know that it is powered by a foot generated tractor, and if you lean to far forward while on the ride you could fall out! I know you just can’t understand how insane this fair is by reading my words.  Only pictures and videos can help.  So I hope you all enjoy.

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