Start of Summer!



The Trail

I’ve taken an unexpected break from blogging.  I feel like I ran out of ideas, but I have also been out working on my masters.  That has taken a lot of my time.  The time I haven’t spent at school, I’ve spent at the gym.  152 days in a row as of today.

I’ve also been training for a bike ride up Waterton Canyon. I’ve been logging the miles like crazy.  Today I got in twenty miles and 2,600 feet of elevation gain.   We’re going back to Pine this July.  I am really excited, and I have been training a lot harder than last year.

I had planned on writing a blog about Mother’s Day, but school got in the way.

I planned on writing a blog commemorating my ten year high school graduation anniversary, which happens to be today, but a twenty mile bike ride took priority instead.

I guess the problem with my blogging, is I started taking it too seriously.  I was addicted to the stats. super concerned about how many people were reading my blog, but nearly two months off has helped me relax.  I just need to get words on the page and if people read them, awesome!

I’ll keep writing as long as I can keep riding.  Expect more blogging, I want to write a book review of Unbroken (finished it on Memorial Day), but for now, enjoy a couple of pictures from the ride I took today.

The Mountain

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