Last Day in the Guate

Finals wrapped up about two hours ago.  I’ll hop on a buss for the city (Guatemala City) in another two hours and then I’ll fly home tomorrow morning.  I’m rather shocked that my first four and a half months are over.  I feel like I’ve learn a lot and am very ready for a break.  I’ll be in Colorado for most of my Christmas break, save for a weekend in Tulsa for the Rice wedding, so if you want to hang let me know.  But before I fly out I wanted to write my last blog of the semester.  I’ve tried several different styles with this thing, and I hope you’ve all enjoyed it.  This is a list of the 10 most important things I’v learned while living in Guate, so have fun reading!

Never say you’ll race a 6th grade student and then loose.

Always dance at your students christmas parties.  Always.
Tacky Christmas Sweaters are to be worn at Tacky Christmas Sweater Parties with friends and not out in public.
Always hike with friends.  Never hike alone.

Never be afraid to jump, the waters not that cold.
When the Teacher asks you to dress up for a presentation, you should do it.
If you can grow a stache do it, if you can’t, do it.
If you see a funeral procession walking towards the cemetery join in and have some fun!
Catholics enjoy processions and you should too.
Don’t ever go anywhere expecting to remain the same.