Dance Lessons

Have you ever had an idea? Not just any normal idea. Here, let me give you an example of a normal idea.  A normal idea would be something like the idea you had when you hopped out of bed, looked at yourself in the mirror and realized it’d been a week or two since you had shaved or showered and it was time to groom yourself.  People have those types of ideas all of the time.  I had that very idea not too long ago.  But I’m not talking about those types of ideas.  I’m talking about something more abnormal.  I had an abnormal idea a while ago.  I wanted to make a dance video for my little sister.  It was the day of her prom night, and when I woke up that morning, I knew she needed some of my show stopping moves I’ve created down here in Guatemala.  What would her night be like with out the fist pump, the front fight flare, the hand foot shuffle, or the nameless wonder?  I didn’t want to find out so, I picked out my song, the Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling, and threw down some of my best dance moves.  I knew her night was going to be a once in a life time memory making event.  She would no longer be the new kid, but the girl with the amazing dance moves.

Normal is boring.  That’s why I stepped forward and said, “what,” to normal.  This video was a whimsical, crazy, abnormal, but not boring, idea.  An idea no sane or normal person would have allowed to go further than his or her brain.  But, because of this idea my little sister knows how to dance.  I could have locked myself in my room that day and done something else, like shower and shave.  That wouldn’t have created a memory.  Sometimes following a hair brained idea is the best thing to do.  Like, if I hadn’t decided to share this video, none of my readers would know how to dance or laugh; sharing’s a good thing.  But, even more so this dance video is an example of not living with fear.  My moves might not be the shit, but at least I put them down.  At least I have a fun memory with my little sister.  And it just took a couple of steps and then I was doing something new.

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