What To Do On The Last Day Of The World

Little Doomsday Preppers

If you haven’t heard, then let me tell you, December 21, 2012, was prophesied to be the day the world ends.  Of course if you haven’t heard about the end of the world, and you’re sitting around reading blogs, then well, you are the perfect audience for this message!

The people who have stockpiled their attics or basements with food, bought five generators, filled their bathtubs with water, sharpened their Katanas, and have been watching reruns of Doomsday Preppers on the National Geographic Chanel already know they have plenty to do today (whatever day this happens to be as the end of the world always seems to be coming).


The Mayan calendar ends on the 21 of 2012, which is today, or if by chance the world doesn’t end, yesterday, or depending on when you get around to reading this, last year.

Two years ago on the winter’s solstice I was hiking around the ruins of Tikal, which was once one of the wealthiest Mayan kingdoms.  Sadly, their violent culture ended centuries ago.

We’re all going to end up like the Mayans!  If not today, or tomorrow, it will happen someday.  So, what do we do about this horrible news?

Good news!  I’ve got a few ideas.  However, this blog might not be the best for the people who have already hunkered down in their Zombie proof shelters.

First: Show your Neighbor some Love!  It’s the end of the world and I think now might be the time to knock on their door and invite them over for dinner.  This could be a great time to start a new friendship, everyone needs a friend at the end of the world.  But heck, if the night’s real bad just remember you wont have to see them tomorrow!

Second: Go play in the snow with some little kids, or puppies, or anything that brings you Joy.  Kids seem to be able to find an enormous amount of joy in the smallest things.  I can’t think of a better way to spend the last day of the world than hearing the laughter of a little kid.


Third: Find a time during the day to relax.  I’ll go on a hike up through the mountains.  I know I can’t bring about world peace, but if I find a little peace for myself, maybe I’ll be able to find love and joy a little easier.  Besides nothing says Peace to me like the aspens that grow in the Colorado Rockies.


Fourth: When the Zombies are pounding down your door and you’re at your whits end, be Patient.  You’ll be fine, their lack of fine motor skills will protect you, but you might need to wait a little for them to stumble out of your house.  You really will need patience when hanging out with the little kids (they ask millions of questions and wont hesitate to point out any of your flaws, like the gap you have in your teeth).

Fifth: Go to Walmart and look for the person with the shopping cart that screams “It’s the end of the world and I’m hoarding all of the supplies“, and and surprise them by paying for their stuff.  Don’t smirk or laugh at them either.  Be Kind, who knows they could share some of their Twinkies with you, oh wait . . . I guess the world is ending.

Sixth: When your neighbors come over for dinner and insist on showing you all of their Amway stuff, find real interest.  Show interest in them because that’s what Good people do.  Even take the next step and buy a little bit of what they are selling.  What could it hurt, the world is ending anyway.

Seventh: You know that friend who you think about every day, don’t give up on them, give them a call.  Yes, it’s the end of the world, but that’s the best time to tell someone you still love them.  Plus, you might be able to invite them in on some great Amway products.  In all honesty, be Faithful to your friends.  Tell them you’re thankful for them, even if they haven’t called in ages and sometimes you wish the Zombies would get them first.

Eighth: When you’re scared out of your mind because the Zombies have now broken down your front door and you’re wishing you’d watched Doomsday Preppers, remember that those Zombies have already lost their minds, so be Gentle with them.  In their thirst for brains, their wanton hunger has driven out their ability to love.  Yes, they want to eat your brain, but just maybe they really need is someone to gently hold their hand and show them compassion.

Ninth and Last: When all of the world has thrown itself into chaos, with looting and killing, drunkenness, partying with no sense of real joy, but of lust and carnal desire, and jealous hatred drives all their actions, show some Self-control.  As the world goes to hell, hold back and don’t go with them.  Continue to live life differently.  It will be worth it in the end.

Because when our world ends or just seems to be falling apart, into evilness, with senseless shootings, there can never be enough people who practice love and joyfulness, find peace, act patiently, show kindness, goodness and gentleness to others, and lastly act with self-control.

The Good LIfe

18 thoughts on “What To Do On The Last Day Of The World

  • sounds like a good plan to me!,… the moment of actual alignment of the celestial bodies in question — our earth, our sun, and the very center of our galaxy (& how anyone knows exactly where that is, is beyond me!) — is yet to arrive,… it will be occurring at 11:11pm CST (also equivalent to something called Universal Time, and this is a new concept to me as well),… I suppose this should be considered our real “moment of truth”,… know that, if awake, I will be praying for God’s Blessings on us all,…

    & if I’m sleeping, just let me sleep,… (this has been my successful stress-free approach to handling New Year’s Eve for the last few years — works OK for me!),…

      • actually, I was sleeping,… but I’m praying this morning,… the world can always use more love and prayers ~~ as you have been pointing out!,…

      • I wonder if people, in general, have known that this “so-called” amazing and advanced civilization (for its day) regularly practiced human sacrifice (child sacrifice) to appease their gods? If they did, would they have attached as much “importance” or significance to this supposed prediction? Would they have wanted to associate themselves with it in any way?

      • I highly doubt people would’ve taken them that seriously. I know that archeologists were distraught when they first found evidence for how violent the Mayans were.

      • It just shows how blessed we are to serve the real God Who loves us and loves love, as opposed to something fear-inducing that commands blind obedience from the masses and considers them negligible and disposable.

  • I still don’t understand Zombies, but I appreciate you reminding me to love, find joy, practice patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, and self-control.

      • zombies appear to have lost something very essential to their complete nature and vital essence & therefore go looking to find in (or steal it from) other places,… not actually all that much different from the condition of mankind after the Fall,… at least if we go looking to find what we are missing in Christ, we have the hope of finding the right things,… everything else is loss,…

      • Great news!,… I was away, but now I’m back,… hope the sermon went well & Congratulations!,… maybe when I get better settled in, I’ll be able to find it (for listening) on the church web-site??,… (sometimes I check some of them out),… xox & Happy New Year & Best Wishes to ALL!!!!!!!!!!!


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