Dia de los ninos!

If you can’t do you teach if you can’t teach you teach PE.  You might recognize this quote from the Jack Black movie “School of Rock,” but I’m pretty sure it didn’t originate there.  I remember living by this moto in middle school.  Even in college if anyone asked me what I wanted to do with my English major I would’ve answered not teaching, I wanted to do.  So it comes as big of a shock to me as it probably does to everyone else that I’m teaching in Guatemala, let alone loving it.  I think I am loving it because I am connecting with my students and slowly being able to share my faith with them.  

I’m real big on community.  I like being around people.  So when I was working at Cherry Hell Hole Country club and being forced to wait hand and foot on people who didn’t want to know who I was.  I knew I needed something else.  My parents challenged me to look outside of the country, which I did.  God promptly directed me to Guatemala and then some how tricked me into teaching.
Here is what I love about teaching.  The kids.  I love them and long to see them grow into adults who are actively pursuing Christ.  I still don’t think I’m the best teacher, but I sure hope God is using me.  I’m slowly getting to know my students better.  In the last two weeks I have been to dinner at one of my student’s houses and then to a party celebrating the day of the Kids.  The dinner was great and the party was hilarious.
Just incase you’re wondering, you did read the day of the kids, or the “Dia de los ninos.”  I remember, as a youth, wishing for a day completely devoted to me, other than my birthday or Christmas.  I mean parents have Mother’s day and Father’s day.  My request for a Kid’s day would always result with a reply of, “every day is kid’s day.”  Well, here in Guatemala October first is a day completely devoted to the kid.  It’s celebrated with pizza parties and presents.  I was invited to the seventh grade party after school where I was served pizza, pop, and candy, which I ate gladly.  Only to regret the food later.  At the party all of the seventh graders were decked out in halloween garb.  (Yes they are a month early, but who cares!)  They even had a haunted house.  One of the girls was dressed up as a bunny rabbit so I asked her several times how long it took her to grow out her ears and whiskers.  Oh the joys of being a teacher.  
Then today in PE I had a great discussion with my guys about life and girls.  I hope they heard what I had to say about God and his greater plan for our lives, who knows.  I really have enjoyed getting to know my students on a less formal level.  I feel like I’m their teacher, but also a person that can relate with them and share Christ’s love.  I feel like the later is happening slowly, but is happening because I’m taking the time to know them.  So I might not be able to do or teach or teach PE, but God is using me anyway.  I hope.